Are you really what you eat?

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“You are what you eat”.
I’m sure you’ve heard this before and it’s true.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about diet, ketosis and ketones is because what you put in your body matters… a lot.

If you knew that putting a certain fuel in your vehicle would make it run better and last longer… even though it costs a little more… wouldn’t you do it?

You might say “No, I’d rather save a few bucks and go with the cheap stuff.”

This is short-term thinking.

Do you really save money in the long run if you have to spend more on repairs?

Your body has millions of processes going on every second of the day. Your body needs fuel and energy to do this.
Beyond this you need energy to get things done throughout your day. If you don’t put healthy energizing food into your body then your performance will suffer. Your focus will scatter.
So you have a couple things to consider…
1. What good things do I eat?
2. What toxic or bad things do I NOT eat?
Much of the battle is one by shielding yourself from the enemy foods and substances that harm your body.
People often ask and look for “Magic Bullets” and cures to improve their health. These are things they want to add or put in their body to fix or improve health problems.
The thing is… if you’re still eating all the junk and overloading your body with toxins… then whatever “magic cure” you find to help you isn’t going to be very effective.
You’d be far better off cutting out the problematic foods and substances first. Then look for foods you can add to help.
Keep in mind… you win the battle at the perimeter. You increase your chances of success by keeping the enemy out.
Put all your energy here first.
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