Welcome to KetoChristian.com!

My name is Josh Ford and I started Keto Christian after seeing and feeling the impact ketosis had on my life, faith and business.

People often ask for help and advice on matters related to business, health, family and spirituality… so I launched KetoChristian.com in an effort to help more people in these areas.

I should tell you… I’m not an expert or guru.  I’m just a guy with a passion to get the most out of life and love helping others do the same.

Who’s this for?

Keto Christian is for someone who wants to boost focus, faith, energy and productivity through ketosis and Biblical principles.

When I think of a Christian… I think of the word “Rebel” (in a good way).

When I think of eating low-carb, when most are eating loads of carbs and sugar, again I think of the word “Rebel.”

So, this is for the Rebels out there who don’t settle and who want to be their BEST.

“The Keto Christian”

I’m a Christian, entrepreneur, marketer, copywriter, business consultant and health enthusiast.

In addition to running my own ventures I help other companies, entrepreneurs and professionals improve their business through better marketing, improved processes, strategic thinking and healthy living.

Josh Ford Entrepreneur

I’ve worked with:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Billion-dollar Investment Firms
  • Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Companies
  • World-Class Copywriters and Marketers
  • Professionals like: Financial Advisors, CPA’s, Attorneys, Doctors, Real Estate Agents
  • Nutritional Supplement Companies
  • And more…


For most my life I was an athlete and avid researcher of diet, nutrition and fitness.  I worked hard to stay in shape and eat right.

I avoided alcohol, soda pop, fast food and other things that had a negative affect on my focus, energy levels and ability to stay lean.

My identity was very much tied to looking and feeling fit.

This was my life for the first 25 years.  Then it all began to change.

Josh Ford Overweight

I started drinking alcohol, soda pop and eating fast food more regularly (Carbs galore!).   I watched more TV and movies.  I’d go weeks without exercising…. so as you can imagine the fat starting accumulating and I felt like crap much of the time.

I put on 75 lbs and didn’t look or feel like myself.  I felt like I was trapped in another persons’ body.

My focus, energy, business and relationships also began to suffer.  I believe much of this was due to eating too many carbs and drinking alcohol too often.

They seemed to fuel a cycle leading to inactivity, laziness, foggy thinking, weight gain and lack of motivation.

This continued for almost 10 years until I discovered the powerful and positive affects of ketones and ketosis.

The Micro-biome and Ketosis Lifestyle

Since discovering the importance of gut health and ketosis I lost 50lbs at an average rate of 2lbs per week.

Josh Ford Nutrition Diet Fitness Health Library

Some Health Books in My Library

This is a healthy rate and a sign that I’m burning fat.  My focus, faith, energy and productivity are boosted back to a range allowing me to feel “in the zone” more often.

Family & Faith

Josh Ford Elijah

I’ve been married to Leslie for 12 years.   We have 4 wonderful children.  Trinity (9), Mercy (6), Eternity (3) and Elijah (3 months).

I’m still on a journey toward having a healthier body, brain, family and business.  I invite you join me on this adventure.